FINION DESIGNER BATHROOM - Achieve your aspirations

Where else can you showcase your individual style more impressively than in your own designer bathroom? Finion’s puristic filigree design gives you the freedom to express your personality. Its sophisticated outlines create a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere, evoking a high quality of life. With premium materials such as TitanCeram ceramic, versatile furniture lending itself to a wide range of combinations and clever features.

Finion Bathroom Technoplast

One particular highlight: lighting elements which illuminate the space like city lights, creating a fascinating atmosphere. 

Finion Bathroom Technoplast

Another novel feature is the optional Emotion function which makes the bath appear to float on a pedestal of light. These atmospheric light effects will turn your bathroom into your own personal well-being oasis.

Furniture that is as individual as you are

The suspended shelf units with precise faceted effects can be positioned exactly as you wish, allowing you to create unique display areas, presented to best effect with colour contrasts and indirect lighting. The clever features are also designed to enhance your well-being: the atmospheric lighting concept and a wireless smartphone charging station offer perfect comfort and convenience.

Finion Designer Bathroom Technoplast
Finion Designer Bathroom Technoplast Vanity Furniture

Perfect ceramics for pure elegance

Despite the minimalist look, there are no limits on your individual style. The washbasins, with an optional concealed ViFlow overflow, will transform both a spacious living bathroom or small guest bathroom into a personal haven of well-being, in particular in combination with precisely fitting furniture. Elegant DirectFlush toilets and perfectly crafted bidets round off the overall puristic effect.

This design object is a real eye-catcher. Precise edges and filigree side walls make the freestanding Quaryl® bath a spectacular feature in the designer bathroom. Optional decorative strips are colour-coordinated with the push-to-open valve and water inlet in stylish metallic shades, emphasising the puristic shapes and, together with over 200 panel colours, opening up greater scope to express your personality.

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